Pregnancy and Fertility Support Meal Plan

Ancient societies put emphasis on diet for the mama to be knowing that what you eat has a huge influence on hormones. This meal plan places an emphasis on healthy fats from animals to provide the cholesterol the body needs for proper hormone balance. Fish and shellfish are featured in many of the recipes to provide that needed cholesterol plus omega 3's for healthy brain development. Liver is also included in this meal plan since folate is found in abundance in liver and other organ meats. There is plenty of fiber to feed the microbiome and lots of antioxidant rich veggies. This meal plan does contain some full fat dairy to provide more calcium during this time of increased need. If you would like to make this meal plan dairy free, you can leave out the cheese in one of the recipes or replace any dairy with a coconut or nut alternative. These meals are gluten free.

This 7-day meal plan comes with a grocery list and complete nutritional information for each recipe. The serving size for each recipe is also included and you can double or even triple the recipes for leftovers or to feed bigger families.

*This meal plan is not intended to treat any health or medical condition but to support health and wellness.